Altova® UModel® 2024 Editions
Altova UModel® 2024 is the starting point for successful software and SQL database development. Visually design models and generate Java, C#, or VB.NET code, SQL scripts, and project documentation. Or, reverse engineer existing projects into UML diagrams then fine tune your designs and complete the round trip by regenerating code. UModel makes UML practical for any project. UModel is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Altova® UModel 2024 Enterprise Edition

includes all the capabilities of the Professional Edition, plus support for Model Driven Architecture (MDA) with platform-independent models.

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Altova® UModel 2024 Professional Edition

includes all the capabilities of the Basic Edition, plus support for SysML and BPMN, UML database diagrams, and tight integration with the Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs.

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Altova® UModel 2024 Basic Edition

supports all 14 UML 2 diagrams plus a unique XML Schema diagram and generates code in Java, C#, and VB.NET. UModel also supports reverse engineering, round-trip engineering, and more.

from $ 189.00

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