Altova® Solvency Editions

The Altova Solvency II XBRL add-in for Excel is perfect for EU businesses and organizations that submit data in XBRL format as part of Solvency II regulatory framework for insurance companies. It shields users from the complexity of XBRL syntax by allowing them to enter Solvency II data directly in Excel in a user-friendly template. Then, the add-in generates a valid XBRL instance document based on the Solvency II XBRL taxonomy.

Altova Solvency II XBRL Add-in for Excel Enterprise Edition

provides all the features of the Basic Edition with additional support for batch conversion of Solvency II XBRL reports to Excel documents. It also includes a COM API to programmatically automate data entry and/or automate the creation of Solvency II XBRL reports, to potentially reduce data entry errors.

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Altova Solvency II XBRL Add-in for Excel Basic Edition

allows users to enter data in a user-friendly template in Excel. The add-in automatically saves the data as a valid Solvency II XBRL report for submission. It also supports importing data from existing Solvency II XBRL reports into Excel for analysis.

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