Altova® DiffDog® 2024 Editions
Altova DiffDog® 2024 is a powerful diff/merge tool for files, folders, and databases. This easy-to-use synchronization tool quickly compares and merges text or source code files, Microsoft Word documents, directories, CSV files, databases, and XML Schemas via its intuitive visual interface. It indicates differences, intelligently merges content, and creates XSLT to convert XML data.

Altova® DiffDog 2024 Enterprise Edition

includes all of the capabilities of DiffDog Professional Edition, plus support for comparing/merging Microsoft Word documents, XML Schemas, CSV, and database content and schemas.

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Altova® DiffDog 2024 Professional Edition

allows diff/merge of text files, folders, and directories. It also includes XML-aware comparison options.

from $ 169.00

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