Altova® StyleVision® 2024 Editions
Altova StyleVision® 2024 is a powerful visual stylesheet and report designer for transforming XML, XBRL, and database data into HTML, RTF , PDF, OOXML/Word 2007+, and Authentic e-Forms. StyleVision is standards-based and supports XSLT, XSL:FO, CSS, JavaScript, and all major databases. Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, StyleVision is optimized for single source publishing and even integrates with VS and Eclipse.

Altova® StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

includes all the capabilities of the Professional Edition, plus support for XBRL, charts as a design element, PDF and Word 2007+ (OOXML) output, XML digital signatures and support for designing stylesheets based on multiple XML and/or database sources.

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Altova® StyleVision 2024 Professional Edition

includes all the capabilities of the Basic Edition, plus support for rendering RTF (in addition to HTML) output from XML and database content and designing electronic forms for use with Altova Authentic 2016. The Professional Edition also includes a scripting editor and Visual Studio integration.

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Altova® StyleVision 2024 Basic Edition

is a drag-and-drop, visual XML-to-HTML stylesheet designer for graphically designing XSLT 1.0/2.0 templates that render HTML output from XML content.

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