How Does Auto-Renewal Work?

For your convenience and to ensure uninterrupted service of your Altova software and maintenance benefits, we offer the option to auto-renew 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year software licenses, as well as Support and Maintenance Packages (SMP).

If your product is eligible for auto-renewal, you will see an Auto-Renew check box on the product listing page.

When possible, we will deploy the auto-renewed license key code(s) directly to your Altova LicenseServer.

Auto-Renewal Requirements

  • You must pay by credit card to purchase auto-renewal.
  • Auto-renewal is only available in the Altova Online Shop and not through resellers.

Auto-Renewal Reminders

  • Two weeks before your auto-renewal is scheduled, you will receive a reminder email.
  • At the time of auto-renewal, your credit card on file will be charged, and you will receive an invoice by email.


After purchasing an auto-renewal, log into your account at any time to:

  • Update your credit card information or contact information.
  • Change from auto-renewal to auto-notification, to simply receive a reminder email with no automatic charge.
  • Turn off delivery of licenses directly to LicenseServer and instead receive licenses by email.